About TAR

Transnational Anomalies Research (TAR) is an international collaborative research initiative founded by Joey M. Caswell and Dr. J. Miguel Gaona in 2013. The TAR team consists of members across Canada, Spain, France, the U.S.A., and the UK, with diverse specializations and backgrounds including neuroscience and biology, psychology, physics, anthropology, and engineering.


Our overall goal is the study of consciousness and physical anomalies by employing an interdisciplinary research approach. Some of our main areas of study include investigating the potential effects of consciousness on external random physical systems, long-term tracking and analysis of precognitive predictions, archaeoacoustic studies of ancient geographical sites, application of electromagnetic field technology to macro-entanglement, and theoretical/methodological development of paranthropological approaches to anomalous phenomena. Our research is conducted both in the laboratory and in the field.