An Active 2015

Co-President Joey Caswell has been pursuing active research in the field of heliobiology as possible sources for common chronic medical concerns. These are in addition to the known effects of the Earth’s geomagnetic field, the K-Index, which can be found throughout the scientific literature. Sites like SolarHam and SpaceWeather can help you keep up-to-date on solar weather and K-indices.

Co-President Miguel Gaona has been actively discussing TAR and the projects undertaken at academic conferences and forums. His most recent talk was held in Cartagena, Spain. He has been promoting The Premonitions Project, a statistical investigation into the phenomenon of knowing an event which may happen in the future. Head over to The Premonitions and check it out for yourself!

Lucas Tessaro was recently promoting the latest TAR paper, Archaeoacoustic Investigation of a Prehistoric Cave Site: Frequency-Dependent Sound Amplification and Potential Relevance for Neurotheology, at the Towards a Science of Consciousness Conference held in Helsinki, Finland. TSC is a meeting place for academics and non-academics alike for exchanging and discussing all aspects of consciousness research. Keynote speakers such as Stuart Hameroff and David Chalmers were just some of the highlights. More info can be found at the TSC2015 webpage.

Those new to the field of consciousness should also check out the Science of Consciousness 2016 conference next year, to be held in Arizona, USA in April.

More to come on new TAR Projects in the exciting, active summer of 2015.

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