Cabinet of Fear


The Cabinet of Fear is an upcoming film by Jesús Manuel Montané which is set to provide a frightening and engaging cinematic experience like no other before it. Here’s the really interesting part: this project will utilize neurofeedback techniques for production.

Here are some quotes about the film from their crowdfunding site:

“The Cabinet of Fear is a full-length science fiction drama about a hacker named Nick Free and the uneasy relationship he develops with a supercomputer; an entity he is normally apt to relate to better than other human beings. This time, however, he may regret his decision as their friendship slowly begins to sour…

…The Cabinet of Fear will recover the sheer, genuine sensation of fear that’s been absent from cinemas since, almost, two decades ago…

But what is amazing about The Cabinet of Fear is that it will be developed with the help of an exclusive software application that uses neurofeedback. It detects, with no error margin, the reactions of the viewer when confronting an image or concept.”

The TAR team is set to act in a consulting capacity during production of the film, with team co-president Dr. Jose Miguel Gaona already serving as the neuropsychiatric consultant. This sounds like it will be an incredible project and we urge everybody who is able to please help the artists make this a reality by donating to their crowdfunding site for the film.

Be sure to check out the video available at the above link as well; Dr. Gaona makes an appearance about 4 minutes into the video!