Latest JNL Colloquium: Conditioning of Space-Time


The latest colloquium for the Journal of Nonlocality, guest-edited by TAR co-founder Joey Caswell, is now published and freely available here.

“Conditioning of Space-Time: The Relationship between Experimental Entanglement, Space-Memory and Consciousness” features a number of researchers from TAR and other laboratories around the world discussing theoretical perspectives and experimental results related to the title topics.

Contributors include (bold indicates TAR member):
J.M. Caswell, T.N. Carniello, L.W.E. Tessaro, L. Sidorov, B.T. Dotta, D.A.E. Vares, M.M. Moga, M. Pitkanen, B. Millar, R.P. Bajpai, P. Tressoldi, H. Kokubo, J. Lake, J.E. Burns, B. Lehman, W. Baer, N. Rouleau,. D. Schumacher, L. Juden-Kelly, S. Jarosek, and K. Hin Ooi.