Latest Updates


It’s been a little while since we have provided an update, so here are a few things the team has been up to lately

1. We recently submitted a grant application to the Bial Foundation in Portugal which we will find out about later in December. If things go well on this front, this will allow us to conduct our proposed trans-Atlantic entanglement project (“Trans-Atlantic Neuro-Entanglement and Coupling of Cognitive Intention”).
This consists of three experiment phases based on and extending previous research conducted in other laboratories by members of the TAR team (e.g., Burke et al., 2013; Caswell et al., 2014) as well as that from colleagues at Laurentian University (e.g., Persinger & Lavallee, 2010; Persinger et al., 2010; Dotta et al., 2011).

2. Senior researchers involved in the TAR FieldREG research program, Dr. Jose Miguel Gaona, Joey Caswell, and Lucas Tessaro, are currently collaborating with Dr. Michael Persinger on a manuscript detailing empirical and quantitative evidence for potential mechanistic explanations of some of these results.

3. TAR member, David Schumacher, is continuing to lead efforts on our previously mentioned investigation of REG anomalies during clinical After-Death Communication therapy. Neuroscience Research Group member, Trevor Carniello, has also contributed a number of fascinating quantitative calculations to help explain this phenomenon. Efforts continue at a relatively slow pace, however, as we continue trying to locate additional clinicians who use this type of therapy and have an interest in participating in the research.

4. It should be noted that many team members are about to defend graduate thesis projects and/or begin Ph.D. programs and we wish them all the best in their academic endeavors! In particular, our team will be expanding to France as one of our members is heading there for doctoral studies.

5. The next online colloquium discussion for the Journal of Non-Locality is being co-organized by TAR co-president Joey Caswell, with journal editors Dr. Lian Sidorov and Dr. Margaret Moga. Many members of the TAR team participated in the previous discussion (Bajpai et al., 2013) as part of the Neuroscience Research Group (NRG), Laurentian University. The next colloquium will be focused on key experimental results obtained by the NRG regarding electromagnetic fields and entanglement (e.g., Dotta & Persinger, 2012; Dotta et al., 2013a), as well as “space-memory” (Persinger & Dotta, 2011; Dotta et al., 2013b). Many NRG members will be participating, along with a number of additional TAR and other external researchers.

6. The Premonitions project continues with an impressive turnout of participants. We urge everybody to check out the website and contribute if possible!

There are, of course, other things in the works. However, these are among the most immediate. As always, any further updates will be provided right here at


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