The Network Expands


As always, we have all been incredibly busy with our respective research endeavors and other commitments. However, we are always chipping away at new work for TAR behind the scenes. It has been a while since our last update, so here are a few brief notes on the more major recent updates:

– One of the manuscripts we submitted to the journal NeuroQuantology a few months back has now been accepted for publication. Once in print, we will provide the necessary information to access the article; “Archaeoacoustic Investigation of a Prehistoric Cave Site: Frequency-Dependent Sound Amplification and Potential Relevance for Neurotheology”.

– TAR has added two new members to the roster. While we do occasionally receive requests for membership, it is best to keep a relatively new international team at a size that is easily manageable. With that being said, the newest additions to the team will make our jobs easier by providing their expertise. We are pleased to welcome:

TREVOR N. CARNIELLO – Trevor has already assisted the team as a consultant providing quantitative calculations to backup some of our latest experiments.
@ TAR: Researcher, Consultant, Experiment Design, Author.
Other: Graduate student in Biology at Laurentian University; Researcher with Neuroscience Research Group (NRG) at Laurentian University

DR. JAMES LAKE – Dr. Lake has become a good friend to the team through the Journal of Nonlocality and we are very excited to add another individual with interests so consistent with the areas of focus for TAR
@ TAR: Consultant, Author, Researcher
Other: M.D. board certified psychiatrist; formerly adjunct clinical faculty at Stanford University Medical School; Editorial Board member of the Mind-Matter Mapping Project and Journal of Nonlocality (

– TAR co-founder and NRG member, Joey Caswell, has been serving as guest-editor and lead moderator for the fourth online colloquium discussion of the Journal of Nonlocality. This has now been written up with assistance from the co-moderators (including additional TAR members Trevor Carniello, David Vares, and Lucas Tessaro), and the questions sent out to all invitees. For this discussion, titled “Conditioning of Space-Time: The Relationship between Experimental Entanglement, Space-Memory, and Consciousness”, we have focused on recent experimental results from the NRG and a few related results from TAR. Many other relevant ideas are discussed, including potential relationships with Sheldrake’s morphic resonance. We hope for all participants to have submitted their responses by December, after which the final manuscript will be prepared for publication.